ForeSight Benchmarking

Benchmark Your New Product Success Rate Against The Industry


Determining new product success rates with benchmarking.

As a retailer or brand, your biggest challenge is introducing new products that meet or exceed sales, margin and sell-through expectations. With Foresight retailers can accurately measure their new product success rates and benchmark them against industry peers.


With ForeSight, in as little as two weeks, you can 

ForeSight benefits graphic

new product success by category
these success rates against aggregated data from industry peers in the same categories
areas of improvement possible through First Insight
“quick wins,” that can have an immediate impact on sales and margins

Why use ForeSight?

  • The Largest Data Set in the Industry on New Product Success Rates. First Insight collects millions of data points everyday on new products – and has been doing so for over 10 years.

  • Your Category, Your Region. First Insight data collected on new products span over 30 product categories including apparel, footwear, accessories, home products and general merchandise, across North America and Europe.

  • Proven Performance. First Insight has extensive data on improvement rates possible, by category, through our online testing solution (typically 50% to 100% gains in new product success rates).
ForeSight Process