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Designers are challenged to create new concepts and to bring fresh ideas to market. What if they had the ability to know which designs and attributes would resonate best at the earliest point in the product development cycle?

First Insight enables you to:

Design profitable products: First Insight engages with consumers to collect real-time preference, pricing and sentiment data on new product designs. In applying this data to predictive analytics, we give designers a forward-looking view of which designs will be most favored and why. From initial sketches to fully developed concepts, designers have the ability to test hundreds of items with unprecedented scale and speed.

Discover which attributes positively impact designs: Through First Insight's breakthrough testing solution, designers can also ask consumers to evaluate specific design attributes, including colors, styles, fabrics, prints, technology and silhouettes. Design strengths and weaknesses are identified - solidifying elements or offering modification guidance. Improved designs can be re-tested to qualify any changes that are made.

Identify design trends in real-time: In evaluating designs over time, through multiple Insight tests, First Insight can identify new and existing trends in the market - on a design or attribute level.

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