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A better understanding of today's consumer needs to be at the core of every retail strategy. Success depends on how and when consumer insight is utilized within a complete retail organization.

First Insight enables you to:

Gain an unprecedented competitive advantage: Fact-based, item-level decision-making has never been faster, easier or more quantifiably accurate. First Insight provides directionally accurate guidance for product design, buying, assortment planning, pricing and marketing decisions. With a forward-looking approach, you can stay ahead of the competition in optimizing trends and meeting customer demand.

Determine growth and expansion opportunities: First Insight provides a forward-looking view of merchandise profitability and consumer demand. With the consumer insight gained, you can identify immediate product or trend opportunities to best allocate investment dollars. Having the ability to monitor items overtime, provides clear direction as to how and where future dollars should be allocated.

Create durable customer advocacy: Consumers talk, share and listen. And in general, they trust each other - take for example, the popularity of online reviews and consumer reports. First Insight enables you to join the conversation in a collaborative way. The key is to develop advocacy - build trust and strengthen customer relationships. In doing so, you develop a low-cost, durable army of consumer advocates, who will openly promote your brand.

Integrate functional areas within your organization: Departments that share insights and coordinate activities, improve efficiencies and create consistency within an organization. The First Insight solution is simple to integrate and intuitive to use. Retailers can harmonize decisions within product development, category management, assortment and space planning, pricing and marketing.

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