The online marketplace is extremely competitive. On average, 50% of online shoppers leave after viewing just one page of most websites. In partnering with First Insight, e-tailers are able to capture visitors attention, encourage longer interactions and improve website conversion rates.

Through the use of customized games, e-tailers are able to connect with consumers in an entertaining yet structured manner. These games trigger immediate interest in your brand, while collecting valuable feedback on new or existing merchandise. Having this up-front information enables e-tailers to infuse relevant and personalized content to customers throughout their online shopping experiences.

First Insight games are completely customizable to fit the look and feel of your brand. Through exciting graphics and relevant incentives, consumers are enticed into immediate play action. First Insight games can also be configured to take shoppers to different places depending on who they are and how they interact. To increase the likelihood of conversion, digital coupons or "shop now" promotions can also be incorporated. Games can be embedded within your existing website to engage current shoppers or used within a separate digital campaign to attract new visits.

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