Manufacturers & Wholesalers

With the growth and increased agility of private label brands and vertically integrated retailers, manufacturers face severe pressure to deliver the right products with faster speed, greater flexibility and at a lower cost.

To remain competitive, manufacturers must embrace new technologies that will help in creating optimal assortments and in accurately predicting in-season replenishment orders. By partnering with First Insight, manufacturers will be able to produce timely assortment plans that will drive bottom line sales.

First Insight enables manufacturers to identify products and trends based on real-time consumer valuation and preference models. Having this upfront information makes it possible to accurately weigh each market opportunity and maximize potential product sell-through.

Current manufacturers utilize First Insight results to validate how consumers will respond to their product line in order to attract the most relevant buyers. Manufacturers can also predetermine regional demand based on the segmentation of subset data including, demographic, geographic, psychographic, and behavioral traits.

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