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"Give the lady what she wants," Marshall Field's legendary quote defined a generation of retail. It was an era focused on customer service. Retailers engaged with shoppers one-on-one to understand their needs and preferences. As the industry grew and stores consolidated, personal dialogues were replaced with automated systems. Consequently, many retailers have lost touch with who their customers are and what they truly want.

First Insight, a technology company based in Pittsburgh, PA, was founded to reignite the buyer-seller relationship, enabling retailers to "give the lady what she wants," using a faster and more accurate solution. As a merchant himself, First Insight CEO and founder, Greg Petro realized this growing problem and created a high-speed testing solution that leverages new technologies to stay better connected with the rapidly changing consumer.

"We add to the confidence of the decision making, with information direct and modeled from the consumer that is coming to them at a speed that they never had before."
-Greg Petro, CEO and Founder of First Insight in 2011 Financial Times article

Armed with First Insight's consumer-driven analytics, retailers can learn what their customers really want before costly investments are made, offering the "right" products at the smartest price.