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The Need For Speed: Time-To-Market Acceleration Is The Ultimate Retail Differentiator

While the supply chain moves at a snail’s pace, the consumer is moving at the speed of light. Armed with smartphones, consumers can find what they want, whenever they want it, at the best possible...Read more

Buyer Beware: Investing In The Hottest Retail Technologies Without Getting Burned

As next-generation technology solutions continue to emerge in the areas of big data analytics, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and more, many traditional retailers are weighing the...Read more

Amazon Knows What Your Customer Wants Next Season. Do You?

Clearly the retail industry is in a state of disruption. With many retailers on the brink of bankruptcy, one bad season could put them under. Disruptive times call for revolutionary thinking. Machine...Read more

Four Questions Retailers Need To Ask Consumers, But Aren't (Hint: Amazon Is)

Consumers have outpaced retailers when it comes to how they use technology to make purchase decisions. Retailers are now reacting to demand vs. driving it. To regain control, retailers need gather...Read more

Amazon's Acquisition Of Whole Foods Is About Two Things: Data And Product

With the news last week that U.S. regulators plan to take more time to review Amazon’s $13.7 billion acquisition of Whole Foods, industry analysts can now take more time to speculate on the strategic...Read more

True Religion Lost Its Focus On The Consumer

True Religion, once a leader in the premium denim market, announced earlier this month that it has joined the retail death march, filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Read more

Technology And The Generational Divide

Understanding the differences among these generations, what motivates them and how they define themselves is critical to future success across all facets of retail. The days of simple demographic...Read more

ALDO On The Changing Role Of The Retail CMO

The role of the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is evolving and transforming faster than any other role in the C-Suite. Read more

Four Reasons Why A Government Bailout For Retailers Is Inevitable

Things have been going from bad to worse for many retailers and brands and a retail bailout could be on the horizon if things don’t start to improve. Read more

Rue21, The Limited, The Sports Authority -- Private Equity's Dark Cloud

The build-up of debt on US non-financial corporate balance sheets represents one of the largest risks to market stability and future economic growth. Read more

Why the Border Adjustment Tax Is Likely To Sneak Back Into Trump's Plan

With lawmakers offering no indication that the BAT is gone for good, retail investors have to be careful to not take their eye off the BAT, at least not yet. Read more

Camuto Group: Fast-Tracking Footwear To Meet Consumer-Driven Fashion

One successful footwear company is Camuto Group, which runs brands such as Vince Camuto and Jessica Simpson. I sat down with Alex Del Cielo, chief executive officer of Camuto Group, to discuss the...Read more

Amazon And Alibaba Flip The Script On Brick And Mortar

There has long been talk of the demise of brick and mortar retail, but recent moves by online retail giants tell a different story. Read more

Target And Walmart Are Leading The Markdown Death Spiral

Boomerang reported that Target’s median discount for products listed on the first page of their black Friday deals page rose an additional 27% from last year to 43%! Walmart’s average discount on...Read more

Size Matters - What H&M, Delia's And Modcloth Reveal About Issues In Apparel Sizing

According to the Washington Post, major retailers in the women’s apparel vertical have shown weak or negative sales growth. Their products just don’t resonate with today’s female shoppers. People...Read more

Macy's And Sports Authority -- Slumping Store Traffic Is The Symptom, Not The Problem

As an investor you should be asking every underperforming company, “why aren’t you designing, making, and selling products that people actually want so that they come into the store and buy?” Read more

Opportunity Meets Preparation: How Home Depot Became 'Amazon-Proof'

Not long ago, it looked like Home Depot would be yet another casualty of a tumultuous retail market. Fast-forward to today: Home Depot is beating investors’ expectations and is being described as...Read more, Camuto And David's Bridal: Moving From Demand Creation To Demand Prediction

The retail industry has historically relied on creating demand, or meeting demand created by the fashion leaders in Paris and Milan, rather than predicting it. Read more

Victoria's Secret Relaunches Athleisure Line, But Is It Too Late?

Victoria’s Secret made its foray into the sportswear world in 2013 with a line of “sexy” sports bras. Within two months, however, the company pulled the line because it completely missed the mark of...Read more

Amazon Vs. Walmart: Clash Of The Titans

I was speaking recently at the PROJECT Conference in NYCwhen a fellow panelist, Joseph Ferrara, Co-Founder of Resonance Companies, mentioned the fact that we should be paying close attention to the...Read more

Primark And Ross Thumb Their Noses At E-Commerce. Will It Work?

Today, we take it for granted that retailers will provide shoppers with a multichannel experience that gives them the ability to shop however, wherever and whenever they want. Traditional...Read more

Nike Just Does It - Keeping An Eye On The Customer

"Everything we do starts with the consumer," Nike CEO Mark Parker told investors during an earnings call in 2015. "It's our obsession with serving the consumer that sharpens our focus and drives our...Read more

Macy's, JCPenney, And Sears: Where's The Differentiation?

You can’t save your way to greatness. Although most of us can agree with this statement, this is exactly the position department stores find themselves in. Why? According to Green Street Advisors, in...Read more

Making A Statement In Menswear: Nick Graham And Jeffrey Rüdes

“There hasn’t been a major menswear brand launched in the U.S. since Tommy Hilfiger in 1985,” stated Nick Graham as we chatted about the current and future state of the menswear market. Read more

Suits And Sneakers: Bally Of Switzerland And Peuterey On The Casualization Of Men's Wear

The hot new look of wearing suits with sneakers was definitely trending at this Spring’s WWD Men’s Wear Summit. Alice Carli, Head of Business Development & Global Marketing of Peuterey said it...Read more

How Geoffrey Beene, Patagonia, And Warby Parker Gain By Giving

While it can be difficult for customers to feel connected to large retailers, there’s one thing they can both agree on: giving back feels good. According to Cone Inc.’s 2012 Cause Evaluation Study,...Read more

Balmain And Spring - The Power Of Growth Hacking In Luxury Fashion

If you're in tune with what's going on in the world of tech startups, you've likely heard the phrase "growth hacking." Today, luxury fashion companies like Balmain and Spring are adopting some core...Read more

How Under Armour And Forever 21 Are Winning With Millennials

Move over baby boomers, the millennial generation is now front and center as the primary consumer group that retailers are working frantically to woo. Read more

Ray-Ban And Coach Stage Big Comebacks On Better Products, Smarter Pricing

Everyone loves a comeback story, but they are notoriously rare in the apparel, luxury and fashion worlds. Of course, just because it's difficult doesn't mean it can't be done – just look at Coach and...Read more

From Sensible to Cool - Will Kohl's Turnaround Attempt Work?

In the past, when you thought of Kohl's, the words "unadventurous," "bland," "sensible" and even "boring" probably came to mind. And that's not completely unreasonable: for years, Kohl's calling card...Read more