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As a retail marketer, your success relies on targeting the right customers with the right products and the right messaging.  For products with sales history, business intelligence and CRM systems can help make this task easier.  But how do you accurately target and market new products – those without any sales history?

InsightMarketing enables marketers to identify the optimal customer profile for products that are new to the market or new to a retailer’s assortment. Equipped with the data InsightMarketing provides, retailers can now pinpoint which customers will buy your new products before they hit the stores. With InsightMarketing, you can now:

  • Identify groups of consumers that are most likely to buy a new product.
  • Find optimal new product sets to market to specific customer profiles.
  • Isolate regions where new products will resonate with customers
  • Pick the right products to feature in catalogs, circulars and on websites.

With InsightMarketing, retailers now have access to actionable intelligence on new products that have not been launched.

Closed-Loop Marketing

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Identify Ideal Customer Profiles for New Products

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Click below to watch "Insight In Action."

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