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The challenges you face when deciding which new products to develop and buy are monumental.  Over 50% of new products fail – how do you know which ones will be the winners? 

InsightSelection is the first solution to give retail merchants, planners and designers a repeatable process for identifying winning new products and design elements, before investment decisions are made.

At the core of the First Insight solution, InsightSelection delivers clear guidance on which products will perform well in the marketplace, so retailers and manufacturers can make investment decisions with confidence. 

With InsightSelection, you have the power to manage the new product selection process by:

  • Selecting new products and determining buy depth with confidence, armed with predictive consumer data
  • Modifying new designs early in the development cycle to improve performance
  • Understanding which new categories represent the best opportunity for brand extension
  • Identifying regional and segment-based preferences, informing inventory allocation


Our cloud based-based software solution gives brands and retailers insight into expected product performance for new items that have no sales history, all within 48-72 hours. 

Merchants gain clear product ranking data, so they can make selection and buy depth decisions with confidence.

Designers get customer comments, sorted and aggregated using First Insight’s proprietary word cloud technology.  Product developers can quickly identify winning attributes, as well as design elements that can be modified to improve product performance.


Click below to watch "Insight In Action."

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