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“We establish retail prices months before a product is launched, so we need a forward view of what the market will bear. We’re using real time consumer insights gathered through online engagements which give us actionable data on how to set MSRPs. This gives us insight into higher price point–and margin–opportunities, well before the product introduction.”

-Mike Ray, CEO, Vera Bradley


One of the greatest challenges retailers and manufacturers face today is pricing. For retailers, promotions, markdowns, “high-low”, and “everyday low” price strategies abound.  For manufacturers, setting the MSRP is a complex and challenging task.  Gaining greater control of your pricing strategy starts with how you price your products from Day 1.

What if you could determine optimal entry price points for new items that have no sales history?

InsightPricing from First Insight enables retailers and brands to determine optimal entry price points and forecast average unit retail (AUR) prices before products hit the market.

With InsightPricing, retailers and brands can now use real-time consumer insight to:

  • Set the initial price which will maximize gross margin, based on a specified markdown cadence and initial sell-through target
  • Set the MSRP and wholesale prices
  • Determine private label pricing vs. branded pricing
  • Forecast average unit retail (AUR) prices over an item’s lifecycle
  • Identify your MarginMovers: Products found through InsightPricing that can bear a higher starting price point than originally planned.

Through online consumer engagements, input on hundreds of new products can be obtained in two or three days. Retailers and brands can quickly quantify market demand for an item at each price point. Analytic models identify the price point at which maximum gross margin will be achieved, given a specified markdown cadence and initial sell-through expectations.

Market Response (Price Elasticity) Curve

InsightPricing is the first solution to generate a price elasticity curve for a new product before it is launched.  Using First Insight’s proprietary predictive analytic models, InsightPricing shows the distribution of demand for a new product across the price spectrum.

This capability lets retailers and manufacturers clearly see the Model Price, which is a forecast of a new product’s AUR.  It also lets companies perform “what-if” analyses on where to set entry prices, based on the level of sell-through expected at the initial price.

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Click below to watch "Insight In Action."

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White Paper: Determining Entry Price Points Using Consumer Insight