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Engage Consumers

Step Two: Engage Consumers for Real-Time Feedback

Once items are entered, retailers choose and customize an online game from First Insight's portfolio of game options. The portfolio provides retailers with a spectrum of ways to connect with consumers and gather information. From simple product surveys to mobile apps to social games that can live on Facebook, each engagement is designed to create a relevant and meaningful experience with your brand.

Safeguards in each online game ensure the best quality data. They're fast and fun, to avoid fatigue or boredom. Directions are clear, to prevent confusion. And most importantly, First Insight's online games include analytics to identify the most knowledgeable responses. Incorporating patented analytics enables us to pinpoint those participants who best represent your customers and who ultimately know what will sell.

Upon launching your customized game, First Insight taps into the collective wisdom of online communities via the most relevant distribution channel or channels - including websites, emails, social networks and mobile applications.