First Insight releases Version 7.0 of its Virtual Customer Viewpoint Solution

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Newest feature redefines how investments are made in the retail industry

Pittsburgh, PA, April 14, 2010 – First Insight, a company that adds science to the customer voice, has released the newest version of its Virtual Customer Viewpoint (VCV) Solution, which will redefine how retail industryanalyticsleaders make key decisions related to product design, buying, assortment planning, pricing and marketing. The Virtual Customer Viewpoint Solution uses information gathered through online communities (email, intranet /extranet websites, social media, etc) and applies predictive analytics to give users a real time, ahead-of-the-trend view of consumer behavior.

Available on a software-as-a-service basis, VCV provides users with a secure platform to test hundreds of items among thousands of influential consumers with unprecedented speed and accuracy. To accelerate users’ decision-making, the newest version of VCV features a breakthrough investment summary screen. The investment summary includes a scorecard for each tested item, clearly outlining those items that performed “high” or “low” based on consumer preference and pricing. First Insight has created this new tool within its solution to explicitly conclude whether any item is “worth the investment.”

“VCV is the only predictive analytic solution that offers such bold and accurate results for the retail industry,” said Greg Petro, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of First Insight. “The new investment summary clearly defines how users should invest their dollars for the greatest profitability. Our current clients are extremely pleased with both the ease of use of this solution and its ability to integrate with their current processes.”

In addition, Version 7.0 includes a new, multifaceted preference graph. The new graph highlights both a quantitative scale as well as a qualitative summary of customer sentiment. By showing this information side-by-side, users gain a more holistic view of how each item was evaluated.

First Insight’s VCV utilizes online gaming technologies to attract consumers in an engaging way wherever they may reside. These games yield data, which is then applied to the First Insight’s predictive analytics. As a part of the new release,First Insight’s games can now be customized to better fit the look and feel of a specific brand or retailer. Having this advantage offers a strong marketing tool to promote brand awareness and to build creditability among customers who participate.

“Enhancements have also been made to the usability of VCV to simplify all aspects of entering and retrieving information. “With a single click of a button, merchants and designers are now able to upload thousands of products for customers to evaluate,” noted VP of Product Development, Aaron Brauser. “Our clients have the ability to clearly visualize the results and then drill down to the detail as needed.”

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