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Driving more ways than one

First Insight and the Retail Orphan Initiative (RetailROI) today announced First Insight’s $50,000 gift to help support RetailROI's mission to raise awareness and provide real solutions for the more than 400 million vulnerable children worldwide. Through this contribution, First Insight will support all of RetailROI’s operating expenses for the 13th annual SuperFriday fundraising virtual event on January 28, 2022.


Let’s discuss how First Insight’s Next-Gen Experience Management Platform helps enterprises worldwide create winning offerings by listening to the Voice of the Customer and make better business decisions with data-driven confidence.


Predictive Tools for Overcoming Supply Chain Disruption

Global retail is facing unprecedented supply chain disruption.

First Insight tools empower businesses to mitigate supply chain volatility by gaining more control and insight into the aspects of the new product development lifecycle that can be predicted. With First Insight, retailers and brands can:

  • Develop New Products Faster
  • Reduce Supply Chain Dependencies
  • Optimize Assortments w/ Viable Substitutes

Your Sustainable Future Starts with First Insight


As consumers become more environmentally conscious, it is up to retailers to find ways to meet their expectations and strengthen their brand positioning in the minds of their customers.

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Highest Demonstrated ROI. Guaranteed.

Unparalleled Value Delivery and Lowest Total Cost Provider

Our industry-leading platform takes your experience management operations from reactive to proactive. We empower you to create products, brands, and customer and employee engagement that deliver growth to both your top and bottom lines.

4—10% Increase revenues and gross margins 4-10%
10—15x Achieve 10-15X ROI on XM Initiatives
5 months Save five months in time to market

How It Works

First Insight’s Next-Gen Experience Management Platform provides a powerful, scalable, and easy-to-integrate solution that informs all the business decisions you face. Through advanced analytics including human computational modeling, Bayesian mathematical models, predictive analytics and APIs, First Insight’s platform represents a proven, breakthrough solution that helps you anticipate outcomes so you can build financial plans that you can achieve.

Understand More Through Better Listening

From Startups to Global Brands, Our Customers Get Results

Next-Gen Experience Management

Customer Experience

Listen to your customers. Create experiences they’ll love and value.

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Product Experience

From concept to decision in 24 hours - improving success rates by as much as 80%

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Brand Experience

Build your brand with your target customers – and create loyalty that lasts.

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Employee Experience

Engage and motivate your employees – and drive business results.

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