ABOUT First Insight

First Insight is the world’s leading product pricing and selection solution provider that enables the product and brand differentiation you need to survive and thrive in the next decade of retail.

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First Insight leverages an ecosystem of technology and consulting partners to deliver comprehensive solutions for optimizing new product creation processes, tools, and outcomes through predictive analytics. This translates into higher new product success rates, revenues, and margins while improving time to market and more accurate forecasting.

Role-Based User Interfaces

Customized views designed to display information specific to various departments and executive leadership

  • Merchandising
  • Pricing
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Executive Leadership

The First Insight API integrates with a number of internal and external data systems to read and write information among your existing systems.

The First Insight Process

We help retailers adapt to rapidly-changing consumer preferences by incorporating the voice of the customer into the new product introduction process.

  • Select Items you wish to test.
  • Engage Customers through easy-to-play, customized online games designed to provide real-time feedback on your products.
  • Apply Analytics with our proprietary predictive analytic models.
  • Gain Insight on the future success of each item tested including price elasticity, customer segmentation and attribute data.

First Insight compiles consumer data gathered from all respondants to filter and weight the input generating accurate data on perceived consumer value, unit sales, and forecasted average unit retail pricing on new items.