Inform every facet of your strategy with actionable, zero-party consumer insights. 


Put Your Customer at The Center of Every Decision

Optimize key strategy and planning decisions by leveraging pointed, focused consumer insights. From topic-specific research to trend analysis and forecasting, InsightSUITE provides a system of record about what your target consumers think about key business items and topics over time. Such consumer insights drive the critical business decisions you make to minimize risk and optimize business outcomes.

Strategy & Planning Solutions for Retail

Website Icons strategy insights Consumer & Trend Insights

Engage consumers to track behavior changes, identify trends, and uncover untapped product areas before your competition.

Website Icons forecasting Forecasting

Directional sales and margin forecasts for new items based on consumer insights per company, region, country, or department.

Website Icons consumer trend insights Strategic Insights

Remove the risk from new initiatives by uncovering forward-looking, zero-party insights on your specific strategic decisions vs. secondary data and historical trends.

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Consumer & Trend Insights

Build achievable plans and increase forecast accuracy by using customer-driven insights. With zero-party data, you can better understand consumers’ preferences, trends, and identify new business opportunities. Maximize your opportunities and mitigate risk by making informed decisions.

Gain Insight Into:

  • Consumer and Item Trends 
  • Employee Experience  
  • Portfolio Potential  
  • Competitors
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InsightSUITE provides a system of record for consumer insights, including valuations of next season’s items. Compare predicted success for upcoming assortments with previous test results and actual sales results to develop robust financial plans. Assess your potential with consumers in more than 50 language-currency combinations. Understand how your customers move through the buying process to identify opportunities for optimizing the path to purchase. 

Gain Insight Into: 

  • Forecasted Financial Results 
  • Global, Country, & Region Forecasts 
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Strategic Insights

How are macroeconomic trends and forces impacting your customers and their future behaviors? Engage your target customers and ask them directly so you can make decisions around your investments, merchandising financial plans, brand portfolio, product portfolio, and marketing. Get primary insights and actionable intelligence on your key decisions for maximum success. 

Gain Insight Into: 

  • Macro-Economic, Geo-Political, and Socio-cultural Trends 
  • Brand White Space Opportunities 

Why First Insight?

Proven Value
  • Hundreds of Customers
  • Business Expertise & Ability To Operationalize
  • Actionable Data And Value Tracking
  • SOC 2, GDPR, CCPA Compliant
Leading Technology
  • Speed & Scale
  • Pioneer of the Industry
  • Recognized By Gartner, IDC, Forrester
Easy to Use & Integrate
  • Get Started With No IT Impact
  • Scalable Platform & Multipoint Integration
  • Partnerships With Major Tech Providers & Consulting Firms
  • Global & Mobile

Proven Results with Speed, Scale, and Science

Website Icons respondent internet Access 100M+ Respondents Globally in Over 150 Countries
Website Icons reduce development time Cut 40% on Product Development Time
Website Icons product success 80% Improvement in New Offering Success Rate
Website Icons trim portfolio Eliminate 10-30% of Low-Valued Brand Portfolio
Website Icons inventory store sale Reduce Inventory by 40% and Increase Sales by 6%

Our Approach

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