Improve key metrics by letting your customers guide your sales and marketing initiatives.


Improve Sell-in, Conversions, and Campaign Results

Retail sales and marketing initiatives can sometimes feel like fishing expeditions, guessing where to drop your line and hoping to get a hit. With InsightSUITE, your target consumers inform the critical decisions you must make regarding sales, conversions, campaign optimizations, and campaign targeting. Whether leveraging insights for next season’s new items to showcase the items your target consumers value the most or gathering feedback about campaign execution details like models, items, messaging, or layouts, InsightSUITE provides the actionable data you need to de-risk sales and marketing decisions and to optimize financial outcomes. 

Marketing & Selling Solutions for Retail

Website Icons brand wholesale Brand & Wholesale Sales

Improve Sell-in and minimize allowances.  

Website Icons market research Market Research Quickly update your knowledge of your target consumers to make more informed decisions regarding campaigns, branding, and influencers. 
Website Icons creative messaging Creative & Messaging Test with your target consumers and optimize messages and visuals for your target segments quickly to optimize brand alignment, identity, and engagement. 
Website Icons camaigns and targeting Campaigns & Targeting

Connect next season’s consumer-predicted, strong performers along with other consumer insights to create stronger campaigns, thereby optimizing revenues and conversions. 

FI Solutions 7

Brand & Wholesale Sales

When wholesalers and brands sell to retailers, their success in the number of unique styles, the volumes of each item, potential exclusives, and discount negotiations increases significantly when armed with the correct data.  
InsightSUITE’s results put the power of their customer in your hand, helping you to identify the perfect product mix for any region or retail channel.  Our solution identifies the potential of channel-exclusive items, as well as competitive positioning issues. These results inform key sell-in decisions and optimize financial outcomes.  

Gain Insight Into: 

  • Increased Sell-In
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Retail Channel Offerings
FI Solutions 11

Market Research

Marketers and executives often need to learn more about their target consumers/segments, those influencing them, and their thoughts about the brand and the competition. With these insights, marketers and executives can decide fundamental business issues, from strategic positioning to messaging, campaigns, and potential new customer segments. Inform key decisions that grow business and align with target consumers with a competitive edge. 
Gain Insight Into: 

  • Target Profiles & Personas
  • Brand Health & Perception 
  • Competitive Analysis 
  • White Space Customers
  • Influencers & Social Media
FI Solutions 18

Creative & Messaging

Marketing teams on deadline to create various marketing collateral and deliverables need guidance from their target consumers about what designs, layouts, models, copy, windows, and fixtures will garner the greatest customer alignment and engagement toward conversion. InsightSUITE provides consumer insights quickly and easily on such topics for specific marketing initiatives so marketing creatives and copywriters can implement the best solutions that optimize financial outcomes. 

Gain Insight Into: 

  • Ads, Web Layouts, Catalogs
  • Store Layouts & Displays
  • Wording & Packaging
FI Solutions 19

Campaigns & Targeting

Marketing leaders crave consumer data to create campaigns that motivate engagement and drive conversions. With InsightSUITE, marketers can identify the next season’s items that consumers will value the most and have the highest likelihood of success in creating stronger ads, catalog covers, and other collateral pieces. Consumer rankings of alternative displays and fixtures enable optimal decisions. At the same time, sentiment and comments results further inform opportunities for improvement -- from offensive designs or words to remove to words, images, and models they love. Instead of guessing what the consumer wants when making key decisions, get the consumer insights you need – quickly – to optimize your business results. 

Gain Insight Into: 

  • Target Segments & Campaign Optimization 
  • Increasing Conversions Through Engagements 
  • Improved CRM Health

Why First Insight?

Proven Value
  • Hundreds of Customers
  • Business Expertise & Ability To Operationalize
  • Actionable Data And Value Tracking
  • SOC 2, GDPR, CCPA Compliant
Leading Technology
  • Speed & Scale
  • Pioneer of the Industry
  • Recognized By Gartner, IDC, Forrester
Easy to Use & Integrate
  • Get Started With No IT Impact
  • Scalable Platform & Multipoint Integration
  • Partnerships With Major Tech Providers & Consulting Firms
  • Global & Mobile

Proven Results with Speed, Scale, and Science

Website Icons respondent internet Access 100M+ Respondents Globally in Over 150 Countries
Website Icons reduce development time Cut 40% on Product Development Time
Website Icons product success 80% Improvement in New Offering Success Rate
Website Icons trim portfolio Eliminate 10-30% of Low-Valued Brand Portfolio
Website Icons inventory store sale Reduce Inventory by 40% and Increase Sales by 6%

Our Approach

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