Power your pricing strategy with zero-party consumer data and AI to find the perfect initial price, reduce markdowns, and maximize margins. 


Price Optimization for Every Stage of the Product Lifecycle

According to industry analysts, InsightSUITE is the world’s only solution that provides forward-looking price/demand curves based on consumer inputs.  Our industry-leading price optimization solutions help retailers and brands model pricing and promotion strategies to achieve 3-9% gains in gross margin by leveraging consumer insights.

Pricing Solutions for Retail

Website Icons-17 Price Optimization

Optimize initial prices, test promotions with customers, and find the ideal markdown cadence.

Website Icons-18 Margin Optimization

Model promotions and markdown cadences to assess market demand and/or lifetime margins.

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Price Optimization

Pricing questions arise throughout the product lifecycle, from pre-season planning to the upcoming planned season phase and in-season management.  


  • Should you increase ticket prices for particular products or categories? 
  • What adjustments should be made by the target segment or channel?   
  • Can you successfully position cost-engineered products?  
  • Should you adjust your buys based on changes in demand per price point? 
InsightSUITE can help you determine the business impact of various pricing scenarios -- for both core and new items -- with a high degree of confidence. 

Gain Insight Into: 

  • Lifecycle Pricing Strategy 
  • Initial Pricing 
  • Promotions 
  • Markdown Planning
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Margin Optimization

Whether you need to optimize margin via the right initial price, the right markdown cadence, or the best promotion approach, InsightSUITE’s Pricing Analysis enables you to assess the predicted Average unit Retail or Average Selling Price for next season’s assortment. Then, based on your buy plan, you can estimate margin roll-up.

Gain Insight Into: 

  • Margin Forecasts 
  • Cost-Engineered Items 
  • Key Item Price Sensitivity  
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The Ultimate Guide to Price Optimization eBook

In the past, retailers used in-store testing, sales history for similar products, and traditional competitive analysis to determine pricing. They overlooked several essential determining factors in price optimization. With the right data in hand, retailers can make informed decisions about price to maximize revenue.

In this eBook, we explore retail price optimization software and techniques for predictive pricing strategies to help you set prices confidently and correctly from the start.



Why First Insight?

Proven Value
  • Hundreds of Customers
  • Business Expertise & Ability To Operationalize
  • Actionable Data And Value Tracking
  • SOC 2, GDPR, CCPA Compliant
Leading Technology
  • Speed & Scale
  • Pioneer of the Industry
  • Recognized By Gartner, IDC, Forrester
Easy to Use & Integrate
  • Get Started With No IT Impact
  • Scalable Platform & Multipoint Integration
  • Partnerships With Major Tech Providers & Consulting Firms
  • Global & Mobile

Proven Results with Speed, Scale, and Science

Website Icons respondent internet Access 100M+ Respondents Globally in Over 150 Countries
Website Icons reduce development time Cut 40% on Product Development Time
Website Icons product success 80% Improvement in New Offering Success Rate
Website Icons trim portfolio Eliminate 10-30% of Low-Valued Brand Portfolio
Website Icons inventory store sale Reduce Inventory by 40% and Increase Sales by 6%

Our Approach

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