Create products consumers will love and build the optimal assortments based on item-specific consumer insights. 


Take The Guesswork Out of Assortment Building

The world’s only solution purpose-built for retailers, brands, and manufacturers to help them create successful products and assortments based on consumer input. Our platform provides clear product rankings, sentiment analysis, comments, and more. Armed with critical results and insights, you can optimize the likelihood of product success, the assortment mix, and SKU rationalization.

Design, Merchandising, & Sourcing Solutions for Retail

Website Icons concept ideation Concept Research, Ideation, & Sourcing

Test early concepts to spark ideas, avoid pitfalls, and put the customer at the center of your product development process.  

Website icons product design Product Design Insights Allow consumers to compare products against each other and collect feedback, before you create your first sample.  
Website Icons assortment building Assortment Building Use rich consumer insights to create an assortment that appeals to as many consumers as possible.  
Website Icons assortment rationalization Assortment Rationalization Understand how customers value different products in your assortment and eliminate poor performers. 
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Concept Research, Ideation, & Sourcing

Conceiving new items requires more than just data about product trends and historical sales. It requires insights from consumers about changes in their purchase behaviors, drivers, and influences, as well as their preferences about design themes and moods. InsightSUITE provides actionable, primary data from target consumers about their needs and trends so you can conceive products and designs that resonate with where the market is headed versus where it has been. 

Gain Insight Into: 

  • Concept Attributes 
  • Consumer Trends 
  • Design Themes & Mood Boards 
  • Plan Fabric and Country of Origin 
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Product Design Insights

Avoid intuition and guesswork. Get specific and pointed input per new item from target consumers. With InsightSUITE results, designers can make better-informed decisions about new items and attributes, whether for one or more specific countries, regions, channels, or target personas. In total, such insight-based decisions improve financial outcomes while derisking decisions.

Gain Insight Into:  

  • Preferred Concept Attributes 
  • Materials, Fabrication, & Technology 
  • Licensing and Logo Options 
  • Risky Designs
  • Assortment White Space 
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Assortment Building

Move beyond building assortments based on internal opinions, historical sales data, and secondary trend information. Ask your consumer what they think about new potential products. Quickly decide which items to keep, drop, or change and which to buy deeper or shallower than the category average. Get the insights to build more successful assortments and optimize inventory, sales, full-price sell-through, and margin/GMROI.

 Gain Insight Into: 

  • Assortment Success
  • Sourcing
  • Assortments by Channel, Region, or Country
  • Competition

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Assortment Rationalization

Optimize next season’s inventories with insights that show which items in an assortment consumers would pick over others, as well as which items they might buy in multiples. Perform interactions analyses that identify the "long tail" of the assortment - so you can cut the low performers, optimize your investments, modify the merchandise financial plan, and allocate your buying budget according to consumer demand. Simplify your trade-off analysis and get the results you need quickly. 

Gain Insight Into: 

  • SKU Rationalization 
  • Reach & Basket 




Why First Insight?

Proven Value
  • Hundreds of Customers
  • Business Expertise & Ability To Operationalize
  • Actionable Data And Value Tracking
  • SOC 2, GDPR, CCPA Compliant
Leading Technology
  • Speed & Scale
  • Pioneer of the Industry
  • Recognized By Gartner, IDC, Forrester
Easy to Use & Integrate
  • Get Started With No IT Impact
  • Scalable Platform & Multipoint Integration
  • Partnerships With Major Tech Providers & Consulting Firms
  • Global & Mobile

Proven Results with Speed, Scale, and Science

Website Icons respondent internet Access 100M+ Respondents Globally in Over 150 Countries
Website Icons reduce development time Cut 40% on Product Development Time
Website Icons product success 80% Improvement in New Offering Success Rate
Website Icons trim portfolio Eliminate 10-30% of Low-Valued Brand Portfolio
Website Icons inventory store sale Reduce Inventory by 40% and Increase Sales by 6%

Our Approach

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