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First Insight’s leading Customer-Centric Merchandising platform – InsightSuite - enables retailers and brands to select, price, buy and market products by combining the Voice of the Customer with predictive analytics and machine learning.

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How It Works

Through Bayesian AI modeling, machine learning and APIs, First Insight’s predictive analytics platform provides a powerful, scalable, and easy-to-integrate solution that informs all the product assortment decisions retailers face every season. But we are much more than an analytics platform.

First Insight is a complete product decision-making solution powered by a dedicated team of retail professionals who support you through every step of the process.


First Insight’s platform lets you get started quickly and easily with no IT footprint. Product developers and merchants can be testing and making decisions on products in a matter of weeks.


Our platform can also seamlessly integrate into your environment – PLM, 3D CAD, Assortment Planning, Pricing, and Campaign Management – to unlock even more value from your existing systems

InsightSelection delivers clear guidance on which products will perform well in the marketplace, so retailers and manufacturers can make investment decisions with confidence.

Your pricing strategy starts with how you price your products from Day 1. We enable retailers and brands to determine optimal entry price points for your products.


First Insight Planning combines predictive analytics with historical data through machine learning, leveraging customer preferences on new products to reduce the risk in determining your assortments.

Better understand your customer segments and learn how to market your products to the right people by delivering the right message.


Value and Benefits

Analysis. Insight. Outcomes

  • 80% Improve Product Success Rates by up to 80%

    With First Insight's predictive analytics and the voice of your customer you can be sure the new products you bring to market are winners.

  • 24 Actionable results in 24-48 hours icon-benefits-star
  • 25% Reduce markdowns by up to 25% icon-benefits-star
  • 5 Get to market 4-5 months faster icon-benefits-star