Empowering retailers and brands worldwide with actionable consumer insights to make product, pricing, and marketing decisions that drive results.


Retail's Next-Gen
Decision Platform

Our Platform uses consumer data, proprietary algorithms/AI to generate actionable insights for product, merchandising, pricing, supply chain, and marketing decisions.

Our Features

  • Item Valuation – Quickly gauge each item's potential with Value Scores, ranging from 1 to 10. Scores of 7 to 10 indicate a high likelihood of success, while scores of 1 to 3 suggest sub-optimal performance.
  • Item Sentiment & Comments – Get qualitative insights to reactions and suggestions for improvement.

  • Item Ranking – Assess consumers’ relative preferences by utilizing Style Scores, ranging from 1 to 10, for items without prices.

  • Pricing – Make informed pricing decisions by establishing pre-season pricing and markdown strategies or adjust in-season markdowns to maximize sales and profit margins. Outputs include Demand Curves, Price Elasticity, Markdown Planning, Initial Price Optimization, and In-season Markdown Analysis.

  • Attributes – Evaluate the value and sentiment associated with various item attributes such as silhouette, color, and finish, as well as specific values like A-line, black, and chrome. This analysis helps optimize designs and assortments, ensuring alignment with consumer preferences.

  • Assortment-Level Results – Meet consumer demand and maximize market impact by optimizing your product assortments to enhance Penetration (number of items purchased per consumer) and Reach (unique number of customers).

  • Survey Responses – Understand consumer profiles and market dynamics by collecting inputs on demographic traits, attitudes, and behaviors. Segment results. Analyze trends, brand perceptions, and other research topics. 


Online Consumer Engagements  

We have access to consumer panels of over 300 million, 62 locales, 73 languages, or brands can send it to their CRM database or share it on their social channels. Feedback is delivered within 24-48 hours. 

  • ✓ Pick & Price Improve SKU rationalization, pricing strategies, buying decisions, targeting, and demand capture using AI algorithms to generate predictive results, optimizing assortment winners, sales, margin, and inventory.
  • ✓ Rate & Rank Optimize your go-to-market strategy by receiving clear rankings marketing messages, themes, mood boards, or concepts based on consumer input - no pricing information necessary.
  • ✓ Ask & Answer

    Get the answers to your most crucial consumer behavior questions quickly and efficiently. This tool can be used for market research, and trend analysis.

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Integrate Your Customer Into All of Your Decisions

InsightSUITE can integrate with a variety of existing applications, complementing their respective roles. Our platform connects to PLM, pricing, allocation, and CRM systems to provide unique, zero-party, consumer insights as inputs - improving their outputs so you can make better decisions.

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What Makes INSIGHTSUITE Unique

Better Signal
  • Bayesian Modeling, NLP, Rankings, Ratings
  • Zero-Party Data 
  • Test Future Initiatives with Forward-Looking Insights
  • Actionable Data for Specific Decisions
Proven Value
  • Speed, Scale, and Efficiency - Results in 48 hours
  • 14 Years of Data, Continuous R&D
  • Recognized by Leading Analyst Firms
Easy to Use
  • Start at Any Level and Expand 
  • Self-Service or Full-Service Models Available 
  • Get Started with No IT Impact 
  • Easily Integrate with Other Systems

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