Inform key decisions regarding mix, distribution, and rationalization to drive revenues and better manage inventory.

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Optimize Buying, Allocation, and Inventory

InsightSUITE is the only system that provides future- looking insights for new products. Predict likely winners and losers, unique customer reach, and basket optimization based on zero-party consumer inputs. These results inform key supply chain decisions regarding relative buy depths, allocations, and revised in-season plans so you can optimize inventories and revenues.

Supply Chain Solutions for Retail

Website Icons inventory optimization Plan & Inventory Optimization

Remove the guesswork related to initial buy depth for new items to drive revenues and minimize inventories.

Website Icons allocation optimization Allocation Optimization

Optimize allocations for new, high-volume, and high-ticket items per region, cluster, or channel to drive revenues and minimize inventories.

Website Icons in-season inventory In-Season Optimization Revise replenishments, allocations, and pricing per region or channel in reaction to business environment changes.
Website Icons forecasting Demand Forecasting Develop robust models for any pricing scenario and compare demand curves across your assortments to uncover key opportunities. 
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Plan & Inventory Optimization

How do you plan initial buys for a new channel or new category?  For high-volume assortments?  For high-ticket items?  What are the relative buy depths across the assortment?  With InsightSUITE, you understand relative buy-depths per region or segment, unproductive SKUs per region or segment, and SKUs that optimize unique reach and/or basket. Make informed decisions that will drive revenues and minimize inventories.

Gain Insight Into:

  • Initial Buy Depths 
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Allocation Optimization

InsightSUITE informs allocation and assortment mix decisions per region, country, channel, and/or target segment.  It provides results to help you optimize assortment mix, unique customers (a.k.a. TURF or Reach), and items per transaction (a.k.a. Basket) per target segment. It also informs relative buy volumes across an assortment by identifying which high-potential items will get the most demand versus others. With customers' guidance, you can allocate your buy spend across the items, as well as across your channels, to maximize revenue and unit sales while minimizing inventories.

 Gain Insight Into: 

  • Initial Allocation:  by Geography or Demographics  
  • Reach/ Basket per Region, Country, Channel 
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In-Season Optimization

Whether replenishing core or popular seasonal items, managing replenishment plans, allocations, pricing, and promotions is critical in meeting business goals. However, consumers change over time, as do business environments. Historical data and trends are not the best predictors of future performance. Armed with up-to-date forward-looking insights from consumers about specific items and assortments, you can confidently update and revise your plans, thereby maximizing revenues and minimizing inventories.

Gain Insight Into:  

  • Replenishment Depths  
  • Allocations  
  • Pricing 

Why First Insight?

Proven Value
  • Hundreds of Customers
  • Business Expertise & Ability To Operationalize
  • Actionable Data And Value Tracking
  • SOC 2, GDPR, CCPA Compliant
Leading Technology
  • Speed & Scale
  • Pioneer of the Industry
  • Recognized By Gartner, IDC, Forrester
Easy to Use & Integrate
  • Get Started With No IT Impact
  • Scalable Platform & Multipoint Integration
  • Partnerships With Major Tech Providers & Consulting Firms
  • Global & Mobile

Proven Results with Speed, Scale, and Science

Website Icons respondent internet Access 100M+ Respondents Globally in Over 150 Countries
Website Icons reduce development time Cut 40% on Product Development Time
Website Icons product success 80% Improvement in New Offering Success Rate
Website Icons trim portfolio Eliminate 10-30% of Low-Valued Brand Portfolio
Website Icons inventory store sale Reduce Inventory by 40% and Increase Sales by 6%

Our Approach

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