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  • icon_product-cycle Cut 40% on product development cycle
  • icon_gross-margin A 9% Increase in Gross Margin
  • icon_xm-iniative 10-15X ROI on XM Initiatives
  • icon_less-markdowns 25% less markdowns


For over ten years, First Insight has been the leader in experience management and digital product testing for retail. Now, we are sharing our tools with more industries to help you deliver better experiences and grow your bottom line.

What Makes First Insight Different?

With over 200 enterprises using First Insight to transform their businesses every day, there are many reasons First Insight is different – and better. But the most important data point is this one:

98% of our customers would recommend First Insight to another business.

We asked them why, and here is what they told us:
Industry Leader

Text-Icons__0000s_0001_Industry-Leader The Industry Leader

For well over a decade, First Insight has led the voice-of-customer predictive analytics industry. Our Next-Gen XM (Experience Management) platform is used by over 200 enterprises to make decisions on product and service offerings, new product pricing, branding, and marketing.

We work with small, digitally-native companies to some of the largest businesses in the world. With First Insight, you benefit from the collective experience of all of our customers and can take confidence in knowing you are working with the industry leader.

Retail Expertise

Text-Icons__0000s_0000_Data-and-Value Actionable Data

Our digital product testing platform delivers predictive results, by target segment, on future solutions and options. We provide data to answer your specific questions and address key trade-offs. We don’t just extrapolate results from unstructured data that you hope will answer your question.

With our clear results visualization and customizable dashboards and reports, any user can view the results they need – from strategic planning to development, sales operations, marketing and customer service.

Most important, First Insight’s platform automatically tracks the value delivered. Decisions made using the data can be recorded so you can see the direct impact to your business.

Actionable Data

Roi-Icon Strong ROI

First Insight is one of the only experience management platforms to provide a quantified ROI driven by decisions made from the results delivered by our voice of the customer analysis tools.

Our customer success professionals work with your team to ensure the solution fits within your processes and is adopted appropriately. Their focus is on your success.

Leading Technology

Speed and Scale

Text-Icons__0000s_0002_Speed-and-Scale Speed & Scale

First Insight’s Experience Management Platform works at enterprise speed and scale. Actionable results are available from as few as 150-200 respondents in less than 24 hours – much faster and less expensive than other solutions.

With First Insight, you can be operational at scale across multiple functional teams in a matter of weeks.

Our cloud-based platform can streamline workflows through systems integrations, and scales from handfuls to thousands of users and concepts tested. As your business grows, we grow with you.


Better-Signal-Text-Icon A Better Signal

We don’t tell you what is wrong after the fact – we let you anticipate which offerings are best. First Insight is the only solution that uses Bayesian modeling (in addition to sentiment, ratings, rankings, and NLP) to provide predictive results for future options.

First Insight analyzes both structured and unstructured data about your next alternative or offering – helping you create the experience desired and valued by your target audience.


Text-Icons__0000s_0007_Recognized-by-Gartner Analyst Recognition

Over the past decade, First Insight has been recognized by Gartner, IDC, Forrester, RSR Research, Chain Link Research and other leading analysts.

Enterprises choose First Insight with confidence based on the assessments of industry analysts.

Easy to Use & Integrate


Text-Icons__0000s_0006_Start-at-Any-Level Start at Any Level & Expand

First Insight is easy to use and implement — small businesses start with a few tests, while large enterprises can test tens of thousands of items across the customer journey. Both self-service and full-service models are offered.

No integration or IT footprint is necessary to get started. When integration is desired, First Insight’s platform offers APIs to integrate to business intelligence, PLM, 3D CAD, ERP, Pricing and CRM Systems. The result is a seamless, frictionless process for bringing voice-of-the-customer inputs to decisions across the lifecycle.


Text-Icons__0000s_0005_Tech-Partnerships Partnerships

First Insight’s ecosystem of partners helps you maximize value from your investment. Most of the industry’s top consulting firms and technology solution providers recognize the unique value First Insight brings to retailers and brands, and they have sought to partner with us to increase that value to their clients.

Whether it’s operationalization and adoption or integration into your existing environment, First Insight’s ecosystem of partners will work with you to solve your challenges and ensure a strong ROI.


Text-Icons__0000s_0004_Global-+-Mobile Reach: Global & Mobile

First Insight brings voice-of-the-customer inputs from around the globe to your critical experience management decisions. We test concepts throughout North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Latin America. Our solution is localized so that it captures the customer’s voice in dozens of countries, languages, and currencies throughout the world.

InsightSUITE provides an integrated, global view from a single dashboard, showing predictive item performance by region or country, along with rankings, comments, and sentiment.

With our mobile app, you can access your First Insight data from anywhere – in meetings, on the road, or while working from home.

iconfinder-customer-experience Customer Experience

Customer Experience leaders use our tool to track feedback and actions to help create the experiences the customer really wants.

icon-product-experience-purple Product Development
and Management

Product Teams use our tool to inform decisions based on how target customers value new offering ideas and features.

Marketin-icon-1 Marketing

Marketing teams can review voice-of-customer data to create targeted offerings and campaigns and optimize promotions.

Customer-Support Customer Service & Support

Customer Service leaders can reduce firefighting by asking customers what experiences they would like to have and meeting those expectations.

Human-Resources Human Resources

Human resources leaders can engage and motivate employees by including their input in the creation of new offerings and employee programs.


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