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Power your decisions with forward-looking product, pricing, and marketing insights.

Put yourself in your customer's shoes and harness the power of voice of customer analytics and AI to eliminate waste, make accurate forecasts, and craft products shoppers can't resist. First Insight's Footwear Decision Platform allows footwear retailers to keep customers at the center with actionable insights that unlock proven value.

Solutions Across the Lifecycle

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Strategy and Planning

Improve confidence in strategic decisions with data from your consumers who shop at your retailers and eComm site. Update next season’s forecasts, assess competitive positioning, and capitalize on trends with actionable insights from your target consumers. 

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Customer-Driven Design, Strategy & Trends

Optimize assortments with SKU rationalization, and focus on your customer's most sought-after silhouettes and designs. Invest in the top-rated styles of your collection to boost sales, eliminate unnecessary inventory and sample costs, and operate more sustainably.

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Price Optimization throughout the Product Lifecycle

Use predictive consumer insights to set pricing strategies and initial ticket prices for your winning styles per channel and retailer. Increase full-price sell-through rates and minimize allowances through consumer-informed decisions. 

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Planning and Allocation

Inform buy-depths per channel and retailer to prevent costly inventory mistakes and maximize sales. Optimize assortment and item allocations by channel, locale, or segment to manage transportation costs and minimize returns. 

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Negotiate Better Wholesale Deals and Brand Partnerships

Equip yourself with powerful VoC analytics to select the perfect assortment by retailer, channel, segment, or locale at the optimal price point. Avoid leaving money on the table, negotiating the right pricing and allowances for your winning styles.    

marketing optimization software tes results for ad concepts

Customer-Centric Brand Initiatives

De-risk your marketing decisions by leveraging voice of customer analytics to assist your go-to-market strategy and develop high-converting campaigns. Stop guessing, and highlight the styles your consumers say they value the most on websites and catalog layouts. 
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 Trusting the Process: Hush Puppies + First Insight

Hear how leveraging digital product testing software created a chain reaction of data-driven decisions that impacted Hush Puppies' bottom line in a meaningful way. Leveraging our Retail Decision Platform, they achieved a:

  • 42% reduction in styles 👟
  • 60% increase in adoption 📈
  • 39% increase in wholesale sales 💵
  • 29% increase in pairs ordered per style 👞

This is more than a data-driven success story. It's a testament to the power of embracing technology and giving your customers a seat at the table to boost profitability throughout your footwear operations.


Stop Reacting. Start Predicting.

4-10% Increase in Sales and Gross Margin
30% Reduction in Sample Costs
80% Increase in New Product Success Rate

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