One of the greatest challenges retailers face today is effective product pricing. Gain control of your pricing strategy from Day 1 with First Insight's product pricing software.

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Want to establish effective pricing strategy?
First Insight's product pricing software uses consumer insights and analytics to establish optimal entry price points.

Maximize Gross Margin
Retailers and brands can quickly quantify market demand for an item at each price point.

Forecast AUR
View a price elasticity curve for each new product before it is launched.

Identify MarginMovers
Products found through InsightPricing that can bear a higher starting price point than originally planned are known as MarginMovers.

Want to forecast a new product's AUR?

The Demand Curve lets retailers and manufacturers clearly see a forecast of a new product’s AUR. See relative demand at each price point, which can help merchants determine opportunities to increase prices.

Want to set optimal initial prices?

First Insight’s solution is driving margin gains for retailers and brands by showing them which products – known as MarginMovers – can bear a higher price point than originally planned.