First Insight is the world’s leading Customer-Centric Merchandising platform, enabling data-driven product decisions for the next generation of retail.


With over 100 brands and retailers using First Insight to transform their businesses every day, we collect a lot of data. But the most important data point is this one:

98% of our customers would recommend First Insight to another retailer or brand. We asked them why, and here is what they told us – click on each box to learn more:

Proven Value

Industry Leader

Industry Leader

For over a decade, First Insight has led the industry. Our Customer-Centric Merchandising platform is used by over 100 retailers, brands and manufacturers to make pre-season decisions on product selection, buy depth, pricing and marketing.

We work with small digitally-native brands to the some of the largest retailers in the world such as Kohl’s and Marks & Spencer. With First Insight, you benefit from the collective experience of all of our customers and can have the confidence in knowing you are working with the industry leader.

Retail Expertise

Retail Expertise

First Insight is built on a foundation of retail expertise – from merchandising to planning to marketing. We know your business and your challenges. Our customer success professionals work hand-in-hand with your team to ensure the solution fits within your processes and is adopted appropriately.

No other solution provider offers our extensive array of on-site services, including strategy development, photography, test set-up and execution, results reviews and value analysis.

We know you are focused on speed to market. Our team will ensure you achieve maximum value while minimizing the impact to your go-to-market process.

Actionable Data

Actionable Data and Value Tracking

Our platform delivers clear, actionable data which is easy to interpret. Clear product rankings, buy depth and pricing recommendations, attribute-level data – all segmented according to your targeted customer groups.

The data is visual and the reports are customizable, so that any user can view the results they need – from design to merchandising to planning to marketing.

Most important, First Insight’s platform automatically tracks the value delivered. Decisions made using the data are recorded so you can see the direct impact to your business.


Leading Technology

Speed & Scale

Speed & Scale

First Insight’s Customer-Centric Merchandising Platform works at the speed of retail. Actionable results are available within 24-72 hours, and the solution can be operational in a matter of weeks.

Our cloud-based platform scales from testing a few products to tens of thousands of products. As your business grows, we grow with you.

Machine Learning

Price Elasticity


First Insight is the only solution which delivers a pre-season price elasticity curve based on real-time consumer data. Retailers and brands use this data to set prices for new products and categories where historical data does not suffice.

Recognized by Industry Analysts

Gartner has recognized First Insight in its “Hype Cycle for Retail Technologies & Digital Commerce” for six straight years – in the Customer-Centric Merchandising category – along with some of the largest players in the industry such as Oracle, IBM and SAP.

Gartner has also placed First Insight in its "Market Guide for Unified Price, Promotion and Markdown Optimization (UPPMO) Applications."

First Insight has also been recognized by IDC, Forrester, RSR Research, Chain Link Research and many other analysts.

Retailers and brands choose First Insight with confidence based on the assessments of industry analysts.


Easy to Use & Integrate


Start at Any Level and Expand/Integrate

First Insight is easy to use and implement. Small retailers and brands start with a few tests, and large retailers can test tens of thousands of products.

No integration or IT footprint is necessary to get started. When integration is desired, First Insight’s platform offers APIs to integrate to PLM, 3D CAD, Assortment Planning, Pricing and Campaign Management Systems. The result is a seamless, frictionless process for product introduction and assortment planning.



First Insight’s ecosystem of partners helps you maximize value from your investment. Most of the industry’s top consulting firms and technology solution providers recognize the unique value First Insight brings to retailers and brands, and they have sought to partner with us to increase that value to their clients.

Whether it’s operationalization and adoption, or integration into your existing environment, First Insight’s ecosystem of partners will work with you to solve your challenges and ensure a strong ROI.


Global and Mobile

First Insight is the only Digital Testing solution with a true global footprint. We test products throughout North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Latin America. Our solution is localized so that it captures the customer’s voice in over 20 languages throughout the world.

As a retailer or brand, you receive an integrated global view from a single dashboard, showing predicted product performance by region or country.

In addition, with our mobile app, you can access your First Insight data from anywhere. Take the results with you to line reviews or get some quick reads from home or on the road.