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Predictive Analytics for Consumer Products from Ideation and Innovation to Market Entry

How many of your new products are winners? What if you could double your success rate? Companies spend billions developing and launching new products, yet wellover 50% of new products fail within the first year. There is a better way. From ideation and concept screening to pricing to market entry, product managers and marketers can choose the right products and launch them at the right price to the right customers. 

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Speed. Scale. Science. 

Test Hundreds of Concepts FAST.


First Insight enables you to:

Screen New Product Concepts

Reduce the time it takes to screen new product concepts. First Insight applies a layer of science to the Wisdom of Crowds, creating a predictive analytic solution that tests new product concepts with unprecedented scale and speed. 

Test Products, Packaging, and Pricing

First Insight engages with consumers to collect real-time preference, pricing, and sentiment data on new products. By applying our proprietary predictive algorithms to this data, we give product managers and marketers a forward-looking view of which product designs will be winners - and why.

Identify Optimal Retailer Assortments

When it comes to product assortments, one size doesn’t fit all. First Insight’s big data solution helps brands tailor assortments to the wants and needs of the retailer’s customers. Customizing the assortment by retailer puts the right product in front of the right consumer at the right price. 


Market Research vs. Predictive Analytics