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Luxury Brands

It's tough to stay on top. 

For luxury brands, success depends on your ability to create a constant, consistent stream of new designs that capture the imagination of your discerning, demanding clientele. Achieving this requires overcoming several challenges:

Luxury Brand Buying Decisions

Buying decisions for luxury brands are high risk - high reward. One bad decision can make or break a season. 

First Insight helps you to improve your buying decision process and increase your new product success rates.

  • Test hundreds of new products
  • Increase new product win rates and optimize pricing
  • Gather input from a larger group of associates 
  • Keep new designs confidential by testing with trusted employees. Less sensitive designs can be crowd-source tested
  • Improve geographic inventory allocation, minimizing stock-outs on strong sellers and the need to destroy excess inventory
  • Increase employee engagement through a fun mobile app
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