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All over the world retailers are struggling to stay profitable.

Some of the difficulties facing retailers today include:

  • Low new product success rates
  • Excessive markdowns
  • Excess inventory and stockouts
  • Under - and over-pricing
  • Long product development cycles

As a merchant, your job is to minimize these risks while growing the business. You need a scalable solution that gives you actionable data quickly, one that can help you identify the right products, at the right price point, for the right customer.

The question is not if, but when and how, you should be using data and analytics to grow your business.

First Insight was created to give you the confidence to design, select, price and target market new, winning products and assortments.

  • Increase new product success rates by 70%
  • Reduce markdowns by up to 25%
  • Take the guess work out of assortment and pricing decisions

In 24-72 hours, First Insight delivers the actionable data you need to greatly improve your revenue, profit and forecasting for new winning products.

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