New My Insight App


Swipe Your Way to Customer-Driven Assortments

My INSIGHT enables First Insight users to connect with their customers faster and improve decision-making by comparing their instincts with consumer preferences.

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Imagine knowing what your … target … customers think of your lineup for next season – from which ones are winners and losers, to what they think the market would pay for the items. Then, imagine seeing how your preliminary adoption decisions line up with your customers’.. and preparing yourself for a faster, more productive line review with key influencers and decision-makers, without the stress and influence of group-think and peer pressure. Imagine holding quick line reviews that replace “I think” and “I feel” with “the customer thinks…”.

Now you can do all of this – with First Insight’s My INSIGHT Mobile App.

The My INSIGHT Mobile app is a powerful, purpose-built, assortment-building and rationalization tool for merchants, designers, planners and others who already use InsightSUITE.  

My INSIGHT brings users closer to their target consumers and accelerates their learning and decision cycles in a private environment so they can enter line reviews better prepared, armed to make better, faster, data-driven decisions. This innovative app provides the agility and flexibility needed in today's fast-paced market, enabling decision-making on the go. 


It's not just about efficiency; My INSIGHT transforms the experience of retail decision-making into an engaging, almost game-like experience, making it not only practical but also enjoyable. This new tool is set to redefine the approach to building winning assortments, empowering retailers, and brands to make informed selection decisions effortlessly.

Now, you can quickly compare your thoughts with your target consumers, noting items where your ranking in the top 5 does not align with consumers’ top 5, or where you liked something that consumers gave a low-value score.  Reviewing the comparisons lets you quickly see if your original thoughts align with consumers, or if you need to modify, adapt, or drop styles!


The My INSIGHT App provides a range of benefits during the assortment building phase.

InsightSUITE puts the customer at the center of every retail decision -- from strategic planning and forecasting, to product, pricing, planning, and marketing decisions – providing quantifiable improvements in sales and margins.

Faster Decision-Making Immediate notification of consumer results – no need to wait for Insight results reviews or slide deck to start getting prepared and formulate your plan before the line review.
Better Understanding Simple framework provides quick comparison of personal vs. consumer rankings, allowing each user to filter personal point of view while emphasizing managerial judgement.
Objective Teamwork Private, per Insight decisions and correlation to consumers’ inputs reduce likelihood of “groupthink” and biased team inputs based on what the leading manager might say.
Collaboration All Line Review attendees can assess the assortment, compare their thoughts with target consumers, and be better prepared before the line review, making meetings more efficient and effective.
Faster Line Reviews My INSIGHT helps the team move from just opinions to informed points of view while leaving modifications and optimizations to be discussed. 

Access Details & Availability

My INSIGHT is now available to InsightSUITE customers via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Simply download the app and log-in to InsightSUITEFor additional information, contact your First Insight representative, or reach out for a demo.