One of the greatest challenges retailers face today is consistently driving effective product pricing. Gain control of your pricing strategy from Day 1 with First Insight's retail price optimization software.

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Industry-Leading Retail Price Optimization and Much More

Our price optimization platform delivers remarkably accurate predictions of optimum price point for new products. We will help you maximize gross margin, optimize sell through, and even predict the optimum price point for different regions or countries.

Want to establish an effective, repeatable pricing strategy?

First Insight's pricing optimization software goes far beyond other product pricing tools. We use consumer insights coupled with predictive analytics and over a decade of industry data to establish optimal entry price points for your new products.

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Maximize Gross Margin
Retailers and brands can quickly quantify retail market demand for an item at each price point.

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Forecast Average Selling Price
View a price elasticity curve for each new product before it is launched.

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Identify MarginMovers
Products found through InsightPricing that can bear a higher starting price point than originally planned are known as MarginMovers.

Accurately forecast the average sales price of products that have no sales history

The Demand Curve lets retailers and manufacturers clearly see a forecast of a new product’s average sales price. See relative demand at each price point, which can help merchants determine opportunities to optimize retail prices and modify buy depth.

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Set optimized initial prices for your products

Find your MarginMovers. First Insight’s solution is driving margin gains for retailers and brands by showing them which products demand higher price points. Don't leave money on the table. Maximize sell-through using the voice of your customer.

How Our Platform Works

We help you aggregate customer feedback and opinions through multiple social channels and from your existing customer base. Consumer surveys collect insights on your new product concepts and prototypes. Our price optimization platform then leverages tens of millions of previously collected datapoints against AI and machine learning to predict pricing and design improvements. All this happens in as little as 24 to 48 hours. We deliver findings including optimum pricing strategies, product design change recommendations, and customer comment trends.

Price Optimization Reporting

Our retail price optimization reports feature pricing recommendations and an elasticity curve for each product. This data is aligned with your business’ typical markdown cadence to develop a fully optimized retail pricing strategy. We help you develop the perfect product at the perfect price.

Predictive Price Optimization:
The Key to Retail Success

At scale, even a minor price adjustment can dramatically improve your bottom line. Leading retailers across the globe are adopting the First Insight platform to identify these optimized pricing strategies. We help you find greater retail success quickly and efficiently.

First Insight’s Price Optimization Platform empowers retailers to:

  • Test Different Price Points in Real Time Experiment with different retail price points to find the optimum pricing strategy. Test raising and lowering prices and discover how this will impact sales volume. Our platform allows you to run as many simulations as you want and provides real time predictive results.
  • Determine the Optimum Buy Depth Discover new strategies for modifying buy depth in combination with complimentary price points. Put together the perfect assortment of products that balances breadth and depth. Improve your forecasting accuracy and create less waste.
  • Eliminate Product Features that Don’t Add Value Our platform doesn’t just focus on what consumers want. We help you identify what your customers don’t want or doesn’t; add perceived value. Our platform helps you eliminate costly product features that do not impact the perceived value of your retail products, increasing margins and reducing the complexities of production.
  • Maximize Sell-In and Sell-Through Rolling out new products can be fraught with uncertainty. In addition to the challenges of determining the optimum product features to attract buyers, you must also find an attractive price point. Our platform guides you through the entire sales lifecycle, helping you maximize sell-in and set an optimized markdown cadence to improve sell-through on less successful products.