Back-to-School and Footwear Sales Consumer Insights

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First Insight and FDRA + FFANY partnered on a back-to-school and footwear report to help businesses understand what to expect this season. Andy Polk, Senior Vice President at FDRA + FFANY, and Gretchen Jezerc, SVP of Marketing at First Insight, lead a powerful discussion on how consumer behavior is shifting with the economic downturn. Their discussion includes key areas such as spending, social media, shipping, and online vs in-store shopping.


"Retailers have to be more agile than they ever have before with marketing and discounting to move inventory at the right time."
- Andy Polk, Senior Vice President at FDRA + FFANY

Key discussion topics in this webinar:

  • Social media platforms consumers plan on using to research back-to-school shopping.
  • Where consumers plan to purchase shoes.
  • What most influences where consumers shop in-store.
  • How long shoppers expect shipping to take and how much they are willing to spend.
  • The price range consumers expect to pay per pair of shoes.
  • If high gas prices will increase online shopping.
  • How high prices are impacting purchase behavior.

Key findings:

  • Significant shifts in the number of pairs of shoes parents plan to buy for each child.
  • Overall, families are planning to spend the same or more than last year.
  • Increase in the number of families expecting to pay over $100 per pair of shoes.
  • Gas prices are causing more families to shop online

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Download the report discussed in this webinar here: Back-to-School Footwear Shopper Survey Report 

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