Build Your Company's Value by Embracing Technology Innovations

MMG Advisors hosted a Look Ahead webinar to address the retail and consumer products industries' most important challenges and opportunities.

COVID-19 accelerated digital strategy and transformation. This webinar highlighted the importance of embracing technology to build value for your company around digital product testing, BOPIS, advanced digital training systems and other technology innovations that drive revenue and gross margin improvements while reducing expenses.

The webinar panel included retail experts:

  • Michael Appel, President of Appel Associates, LLC, an advisory firm that provides performance improvement and turnaround consulting services to retail and consumer goods companies
  • Dr. Mark Chrystal, an expert in retail analytics and technology, with over 20 years of executive leadership experience within the retail industry and Co-Founder, MachineCore
  • Diane M. Ellis, a Fortune 500 Global Executive and Board Member with over 35 years of retail industry experience

Moderated by Allan Ellinger, Founder, Senior Managing Partner at MMG Advisors

Highlight Clips
Michael Appel | How Technology Can Be Utilized as a Strategic Transformation Tool to Improve Value
Diane Ellis | How Consumer Understanding Technology Tools Can Be Utilized to Transform Businesses
Mark Chrystal & Diane Ellis | Speed, Customer Analytics and Price Optimization
Diane Ellis | How Tools like First Insight Capture Value

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