Building Value with Analytics: Using Data to Solve the Dead Stock Challenge

One of the biggest problems facing jewelry retailers is dead stock that just won’t move. It’s crucial to sell through these items to minimize losses as trends change and styles become irrelevant. So much capital is tied up in inventory, and discounts that drive sales also cut into margins. What if you could understand up front which items will resonate with your customers and what price they are willing to pay?

Through the use of real-time Voice of the Customer and predictive analytics, First Insight can help you determine which products will be successful and which to avoid. By leveraging customer feedback, First Insight helps retailers, brands, and manufacturers make decisions with confidence on what products to select, how to price them and how to optimize their markdown cadence. Listen to the webinar to learn how you can choose more winning products and eliminate underperformers.

Hear from First Insight's Global Vice President - Retail Industry Solutions, Charlie Holmes about:

  • How to avoid dead stock before it starts – and before costly investment decisions are made
  • How analytics support product selection, pricing, buying, and customer segmentation
  • How First Insight helps develop a surgical, targeted approach to markdowns that maximizes sales velocity while preserving margins
  • How real-time data analytics and customer feedback drive business value – fast.

Moderated by Vince Ventura, Director of Operations, SnapRetail

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Highlight Clips

Charlie Holmes | How to leverage data to avoid dead stock 

Charlie Holmes | How to maximize sales while preserving margins

Charlie Holmes | How real-time data analytics and customer feedback drive value

Charlie Holmes | Building Value with Analytics Case Study Examples

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