COVID as Catalyst: Emerging Stronger with Customer-Centric Digitalization

When COVID-19 struck, Wolverine Worldwide, one of the world’s leading marketers and licensors of branded footwear and apparel, turned to customer-driven analytics and digitalization to not only survive, but emerge stronger.

Learn from Lindsey Goodman, Director of Consumer Insights of WWW, and Jim Shea, Chief Commercial Officer of First Insight, about the strategy and tactics the global company is using to emerge stronger. Find out how WWW leveraged customer analytics to win a $5 million sales opportunity over the competition.

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Optimizing Assortments to Generate a $5M Sales Opportunity

"Product assortment optimization has been some of the most productive work we've done with First Insight."


Significantly Reducing Costs and Increasing Speed to Market

Wolverine Worldwide has the potential to shorten their product development calendar by at least 40% and reduce physical sample costs up to 70%.


What led Wolverine Worldwide to move to digital Style Testing with First Insight?

Wolverine Worldwide's partnership with First Insight has been able to provide truly actionable insights that are helping drive positive impact from product development right up through sell-in.

Delivering Products Customers REALLY Want as They Buy Fewer, Better Products

"Don't just believe us — believe your customer."


The Importance of Consumer Insights in Today's Environment

"We're investing in digital testing tools that we know can increase ROI — like First Insight."

Jim Shea | Partnering With First Insight to Minimize Risk and Maximize Sales


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