Crisis Management: Supply Chain, Technology, and Infrastructure

With the Coronavirus pandemic, global retail faces uncertain times. Stay-at-home orders and social distancing have left stores empty and factories low on staff. However, digitalization of the supply chain can help.

In this webinar, Jim Shea, Chief Commercial Officer of First Insight, veteran retail executive Diane Ellis, and Steve Riordan, Consumer Practice Leader at Kalypso, look at the role of predictive analytics, PLM, 3-D and other technology platforms to help manage supply chains in the fashion apparel, retail, home goods, and luxury segments. 

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Key Questions Retailers and Brands Are Facing During Coronavirus
The Impact of Coronavirus on Consumer Purchase Decisions and Behaviors

Veteran Retail Executive Diane Ellis - The Importance of Consumer Insight and Facts
Consumer Practice Leader at Kalypso, Steve Riordan on Tactics for Now & Next



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