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Introducing More Winning Products—Faster—with Pre-Season Customer Analytics


Vera Spanheimer, head of CRM at s.Oliver, and Jim Shea, chief commercial officer at First Insight, discuss:

  • How s.Oliver improved its speed to market by identifying the right products, and avoiding underperformers, early in the new product development process
  • How they are improving margins both in-store and online
  • How to reduce the risk involved in new product development using predictive analytics

Clips from the Webinar

Realizing Margin Improvements by Investing in Winning Products

Customer Centricity and how First Insight IS HELPING TO CREATE the Future at s.Oliver


"The First Insight tool enables us [to get] very valuable insight by first finding the experts in the crowd, leveraging the voice of the customer and predicitive analytics and...identifying winners as well as underperformers. We are planning to expand the testing for different brands within our group, testing more categories."

- Vera Spanheimer, Head of CRM at s.Oliver

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