How to Win with the New Demand Chain

Retail has talked for years about digitizing the supply chain, and COVID-19 accelerated digitization of customer and supply chain interactions. With the new rate of change in customer preferences and demand, that's no longer enough. Sean Coxall, CEO at 707 International joined First Insight Chief Commercial Officer Jim Shea for a discussion on how to win in today's retail reality. The webinar highlighted how it starts by digitizing the whole demand chain including the selling chain and how the Voice of the Customer can help brands create and win with relevant products and services that really resonate.

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Highlight Clips

Jim Shea & Sean Coxall | Understanding Demand and Changing Consumer Behavior

Sean Coxall & Jim Shea | The Importance of Digitizing the Entire Demand Chain

Sean Coxall | Understanding Consumer Demand

Jim Shea | Benefits to Using Digital Tools

Sean Coxall | About 707 International

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