Information is Power: Using Data to Drive Sell-In and New Product Success

Mark Higgins, Senior Director of Digital Business Development at Deer Stags & Gretchen Jezerc, SVP of Marketing at First Insight,  discussed how incorporating the voice of the customer into product development is enabling Deer Stags to sell-in more products to their retail partners by leveraging data-driven pricing methodologies and maximizing sell-through using predictive analytics.

Highlights from the Webinar Session

Mark Higgins discusses the challenges he faced when pushing for adoption of the First Insight solution within the Deer Stags team. Mark gained buy-in by proving the value of First Insight through showing positive results in testing.

Mark Higgins discusses how Deer Stags was able to identify opportunities to increase price through First Insight testing. This enabled Deer Stags and their retail partners to increase their margins, and enter the market with new higher priced items.

Mark Higgins discusses how Deer Stags used customer analytics to recognize a void in the boy’s slipper category and create a new offering and price point to fill it.

Highlight from the Webinar Session

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