Notable Feet: How Customer-Driven, Digital Product Development Helps Crocs Navigate Market Disruptions

In this WWD Webinar, leaders from Crocs, First Insight, and Centric Software discuss how digital foundations including predictive analytics and PLM help Crocs improve relevance, drive their growth strategy and streamline product development to make better decisions and pick top performing products.

Webinar Speakers:

Webinar Replay Speakers

  • David Castellanos - Manager Product Creation Solutions at Crocs
  • Ed Wunsch - Global Vice President of Marketing Strategy & Insights at Crocs
  • Stacey Charbin - CMO at Centric Software
  • Gretchen Jezerc - SVP of Marketing at First Insight

If you would like to request the presentation deck please contact marketing@firstinsight.com.

Highlight Clips

Ed Wunsch- Determining the Right Colors and Graphics with First Insight


Ed Wunsch - Understanding Differing Preference Across the World


Ed Wunsch - De-risking Crocs’ Extension into Sandals



Gretchen Jezerc - How First Insight & Voice of the Customer Works


David Castellanos on Digital Transformation


Stacey Charbin - What Is Happening Today With Coronavirus


Gretchen Jezerc - Consumer Views on Coronavirus Over Time


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