Product Differentiation: The Rising Tide in a Retail 'Sea of Sameness'

David Katz, CMO of Randa Accessories, and Gretchen Jezerc, VP of Marketing and Product Management at First Insight, discuss how Randa uses First Insight analytics to drive value in their business. Learn about:

  • How Randa is increasing revenue and sell-through and decreasing erosion using customer-driven analytics
  • How Randa’s understanding of the “why” behind consumer behavior enabled them to increase AUR by 25% in a major category with a key trading partner
  • How Randa is using analytics to make smart decisions, fast, to shave months from their time to market

Highlights from the Webinar Session

Entering A New Category with Confidence

David Katz discusses how Randa used consumer insight data, social engagement and other market research to develop a new product, Dad Hats. David explains how they gained the confidence to get ahead of the trend and take their investment from zero to 500K units based on predictive consumer insights that are data-driven facts, not opinions.

Cut Product Lead Time by Leveraging the Voice of the Customer

David Katz discusses how Randa uses consumer insight to drive decisions on new product attributes and design, eliminating store testing and significantly cutting time-to-market by over five months.

Adapting Stores for Consumers' Evolving Shopping Habits

Randa used consumer shopping data inform a drastic redesign of the in-store experience for neckwear. Randa conceptualized, designed and executed the redesign, based on consumer insights, resulting in a >40% lift in revenue, 25% higher AUR, and faster turn.

Highlight from the Webinar Session

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