Optimizing Supply Chain Efficiency with Predictive Analytics and the Voice of the Customer

Watch the exclusive webinar with Gretchen Jezerc, VP Marketing & Product Management at First Insight and Mark Chrystal, SVP & Chief Supply Chain Officer at David's Bridal as they discuss how First Insight helps David's Bridal optimize their supply chain operations. Through what Mark Chrystal describes as "a mixed-method approach," David's Bridal has transformed both quantitative and qualitative data into measurable success, fewer markdowns and higher hit rates.

Highlights from the Webinar Session

Rethinking In-Store Testing

Mark Chrystal discusses the challenges with in-store testing and rethinks its role in their new product testing toolkit.

"Store-based product tests are difficult to control, with…results that don’t always translate when those products are expanded to larger groups of stores."



With First Insight, David's Bridal is able to eliminate months from their product development cycle, allowing products to hit the market and drive sales revenue sooner.

"With the implementation of First Insight, we were able to cut months out of our time-to-market calendar."

Using Proven Success to Drive Adoption

Mark discusses the improvements in hit rate from testing using First Insight and how the results have helped him gain adoption among merchants within David’s Bridal.

“The use of First Insight has improved our ability to pick winning styles by about 30%.”

The importance of testing in the same way your customers shop

Mark discussing the phenomenon of consumer online research and shopping and how it has affected the marketplace.

"Our customers are now spending most of their product-browsing time using image-based research tools [such as] internet and website searches."

Highlight from the Webinar Session

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