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Wholesale Sales

Understanding each retailer’s customers and their unique buying needs is a huge task.

As a wholesaler, it’s a necessary step to growing your business. Today’s competitive market comes with a number of challenges including:

  • Costly vendor allowances
  • Losing bookings due to increased competition at key retailers
  • Data overload – but lack of actionable information - for planning, sourcing and selling into multiple channels

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With First Insight, you can incorporate the Voice of your retailer’s Customer when selecting and pricing new products.

  • Identify which products will resonate with individual channel customers
  • Reduce vendor allowances by more accurately forecasting demand, price and margin for each item
  • Increase bookings by arming your sales team with customer-driven insight into how your products compare to your competitors’

Learn more about how First Insight is empowering wholesalers to take control of their products, and future, with customer-driven predictive analytics.  

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