• Introduce the right new products at the right price.

    Our suite of solutions empowers retailers and brands to design, select, price and market new products with confidence.

  • First Insight at NRF '17

    Stop by our booth at NRF '17 or schedule a time to meet. Join us at our Exhibitor Insight presentation, 
    "Markdowns: The Hidden Virus."

    Visit our NRF Event Page to learn more.


  • Holiday Markdowns

    New survey data from First Insight reveals consumers’ holiday shopping strategies and how far they will go for great deals.

  • Exclusive Webinar

    Optimize Supply Chain Efficiency with Predictive Analytics

    Gretchen Jezerc, VP Marketing & Product Management: First Insight Inc.

    Mark Chrystal, SVP and Chief Supply Chain Officer: David's Bridal


  • Reduce Markdowns By Up To 25%

    Learn how First Insight helps get the product right the first time, reducing markdowns and increasing your full-price sales.


  • NRF 2017 | New York City | January 15-17          Schedule a Meeting

    Some Of Our Customers

    Over 50% of New Products Fail.

    Why? Most retailers and brands make new product decisions based on historical data or in-store testing. First Insight’s world-leading solution – InsightSuite – provides real-time predictive information on products that have NO sales history.

    Our process is simple. You grow margins by buying more winning products and by eliminating poor performers early in the design and selection process.

     An Exclusive Webinar with David's Bridal
    Optimize Supply Chain Efficiency
    with Predictive Analytics and the Voice of the Customer

    Gretchen Jezerc, VP Marketing and Product Management
    First Insight, Inc. 

    Mark Chrystal, SVP and Chief Supply Chain Officer
    David's Bridal


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