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New products are the lifeblood of retail.  They bring new customers into the stores, they provide competitive differentiation, and they drive sales and margin growth.

Unfortunately, over 50% of new products fail.  Of those that succeed, many miss the upside because they are underpriced or “underbought” – resulting in stock-outs.
of new products fail.

First Insight partners with retailers and manufacturers to eliminate the high cost of new product failures by enabling them to design, select and optimally price winning products.

Our accurate, scalable, high-speed solution can also significantly reduce time to market, enabling companies to capitalize on winning products ahead of their competition.

Founded in


Founded in 2007, First Insight is a cloud-based technology company, provider of the world’s leading platform empowering retailers and brands to introduce the right products at the right price.

The First Insight solution, InsightSuite, gives merchants, designers, marketers and planners insight into consumer demand and optimal entry price points for NEW products. This insight is delivered by applying predictive analytic models to online data collected from thousands of consumers within 48-72 hours. Results have been proven to be 50-100% more accurate than in-store testing and are delivered with speed and scale through our retail business analytics platform.






Merchants use our high-speed testing solution as a real-time, forward-looking tool to understand what consumers value and will ultimately want to buy.



Designers use our solution to understand how to modify designs to improve product performance.



Marketers gain insight into customer demographic information, enabling targeted marketing for new products.



Planners receive detailed insight on how deep to buy the winning products.

The First Insight solution has helped current customers to increase full-price sales and improve gross margins with measurable gains of 3-9%. By giving consumers an active voice in the product development process – and by introducing more winning products - you can achieve these same results beginning with your next new assortment.

increased sales by

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