What if you could sense customer demand months, even seasons before designs are finalized or products are brought to market? And, what if you knew which of these products would be the most profitable? Now take the "what if" out of the sentence and let us introduce ourselves. We are First Insight, a technology company who is reinventing the retail business in a consumer-driven market.

The First Insight solution delivers inventory investment recommendations and go-to-market price point insight for products that are new to assortments.  Merchants use our high-speed testing solution as a real-time, forward-looking tool to understand what consumers value and will ultimately want to buy. We align your business with customer expectations in order to maximize profitability – you buy more winning products and eliminate the losers.

By tapping into the current thinking of large groups of people online and applying proprietary predictive analytics, First Insight's cloud-computing model generates valuable insight on the future success of new products and designs, all with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

The First Insight solution has helped current customers to increase full-price sales and improve gross margins with measurable gains of 3-9%. By giving consumers an active voice in the product development process, you also achieve greater customer satisfaction, while increasing brand loyalty.

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