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First Insight offers the world’s only forward-looking predictive analytic platform – InsightSuite – which enables retailers and manufacturers to select, price, market and buy new products with no sales history.

We deliver 3-9% margin gains annually to our customers across a wide variety of categories. 
Our solution is a comprehensive service with no software to install or maintain. You start realizing results in a matter of weeks.



InsightSelection delivers clear guidance on which products will perform well in the marketplace, so retailers and manufacturers can make investment decisions with confidence.

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InsightPricing enables retailers and brands to determine optimal entry price points and forecast average unit retail (AUR) prices before products hit the market.

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InsightTargeting enables marketers to identify the optimal customer profile for products that are new to the market or new to a retailers's assortment. 

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Our Process

Thinking of bringing a new product to market? Success of newly launched products depends on designing and picking winning products, finding each product’s optimal entry price point, buying the item at the right quantity, and marketing it to the right consumers. We help retailers adapt to rapidly-changing consumer preferences by incorporating the voice of the customer into the new product introduction process.