Engage Consumers. Apply Analytics. Gain Insight.

The First Insight testing solution is designed to give retailers a real-time view of customer demand and merchandise profitability. Our turnkey process utilizes unique customer engagements to collect valuable insight data for actionable decisions. From initial concepts to replenishment orders, adding insight data to the product development process significantly improves your ability to select the most profitable designs, products, attributes and trends. How? Our data is directly derived from your customers - what they value and at what price.

Available as a cloud-computing model, First Insight's testing solution is both easy to use and simple to integrate into an existing process. In just a few straightforward steps, a real-time view of the market is yours:

  • Step One: Select items for Insight
  • Step Two: Engage consumers for real-time feedback
  • Step Three: Apply analytics to consumer data
  • Step Four: Gain insight to maximize ROI

The scale and speed in which First Insight delivers results is unprecedented. In as little as 72-hours, First Insight collects feedback from thousands of influential consumers on hundreds of items. It has never been faster or more relevant to connect with and think like your customer.

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