Case Studies

Crocs Uses Data to Improve Production Innovation


Launching winning products remains a challenge for retailers and brands—especially in the fashion and footwear industries. Trends and pop culture play a significant role in merchandising and selection success, but how do retail companies understand which designs will actually resonate with consumers? For Crocs, the answer for product innovation and differentiation was analyzing customer data with retail analytics and artificial intelligence. Working with First Insight, Crocs has applied predictive analytics software to improve design and buying decisions to ensure consumers love and purchase their new designs.

Crocs had fallen out of favor with consumers, but has since reemerged as a top shoe brand among Millennials and Generation Z. Celebrities including Justin Bieber, Post Malone, and Priyanka Chopra have all embraced the rubber shoes and the Crocs “Come As You Are” slogan. Predictive Analytics for retail helped Crocs capitalize on mainstream popularity and kept their shoes relevant with consumers.

Learn how Crocs specifically uses First Insight for merchandising and buying decisions in our Case Study, or read the full article in NRF’s STORES Magazine with the link below.

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