Strategic Planning

Next-gen Experience Management

  • Identify and quantify value from alternative technologies
  • Achieve 25% growth in new sectors through brand extension
  • 80% Improvement in New Offering Success Rate
  • Access 100M+ Respondents Globally in Over 150 Countries
  • 9% Increase in Gross Margins
  • Achieve 10-15X ROI on XM Initiatives

Make Creating Winning Experiences The Cornerstone Of Your Strategic Plan


You wouldn’t dream of presenting a strategic plan without a market estimate, competitive assessment, and revenue projections.  Isn’t the Voice of the Customer even more essential?  You need more information about what experiences your target customers want, but traditional methods are costly and not fast enough. You need a better, forward-looking, predictive signal.

First Insight marries Voice-of-the-Customer data with predictive analytics to inform your strategic planning process and decisions. Whether you are tasked with repositioning your brand or entering new markets, First Insight helps you to listen to the voice of your customer to inform better strategies and drive business results. Fast and at scale.

The First Insight Advantage:

  • Pioneer and Market Leader - Proven, predictive, actionable data, even on new offerings with no history
  • Unparalleled Value - Lowest total cost provider and highest demonstrated ROI
  • Faster and Easier to use - Up and running in days, actionable results within 24-48 hours
  • Scalable - Enterprise solution supporting many of the world’s largest brands in daily operations

title-icon-customer-experience Customer Experience

  • Engage both current and white-space customers and empower them to define the customer experience they want as an input into your strategy.
  • Deepen your organization’s understanding of both current and white-space customers and segments.
  • Identify winning concepts before you roll out your strategy. Let your customers help define the experiences they want.
  • Understand the wants and needs of potential target segments and include scenarios in your strategic plans.
  • Create and market end-to-end solutions your customers love, from when they first see your offerings to when they use, service, and replenish them.

title-icon-product-experience Product Experience

  • Improve the success rate of your strategic initiatives by creating products and solutions customers want to buy, optimizing features, packaging, messaging, and the total solution.
  • Optimize pricing, promotion, and discount strategies based on how target consumers and segments will value and purchase your planned offerings.
  • Understand your target customers’ preferred descriptions and price points, and use them when marketing your new products and services.
  • Create offerings for specific segments, personas, and channels based on voice-of-the-customer data and predictive analytics.
  • Better, cheaper and faster than other testing and research methods, including conjoint analysis, focus groups, phone surveys, in-store testing, and test markets.

title-icon-brand-experience Brand Experience

  • Increase sales, brand loyalty, and success of strategic initiatives by aligning your branding, messaging, and positioning with what your target customer segments and personas value.
  • Let your target customer groups decide which logo, color, symbols and tone they want and value over competitive offerings.
  • Understand which brand extensions resonate with your target segments to maximize profitable growth and minimize risk.

title-icon-exployee-experience Employee Experience

  • Energize your employees by engaging them in defining new strategies and offerings that resonate with your target customer segments.
  • Go beyond basic sentiment, ratings and rankings and ask your employees how they think the target consumers would value the alternatives.

How It Works

First Insight’s Next-Gen Experience Management Platform provides a powerful, scalable, and easy-to-integrate solution that informs all the business decisions you face. Through advanced analytics including human computational modeling, Bayesian mathematical models, predictive analytics and APIs, First Insight’s platform represents a proven, breakthrough solution that helps you anticipate outcomes so you can build financial plans that you can achieve.

Understand More Through Better Listening

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Create Better Experiences, Faster

The Most Advanced And Mature Predictive Analytics Tools On The Market

Artificial Intelligence… Predictive Analytics… Machine Learning…
Everyone claims they have them, but not all are alike. First Insight’s patented approach uses a straightforward consumer engagement technique, requires fewer customer respondents, and provides more accurate output for better business decisions than other tools.

And you receive actionable results within 24-48 hours – much faster than most other solutions.

80% Up to 80% Improvement in New Product Success Sates
100+ Access to Over 100 Million Respondents Globally in More Than 150 Countries
10+ 10+ Years of Aggregated Data and Experience

Next-Gen Experience Management

iconfinder-customer-experience Customer Experience

Listen to your customers. Create experiences they’ll love and value.

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icon-product-experience-purple Product Experience

From concept to decision in 24 hours - improving success rates by as much as 80%

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iconfinder-brand Brand Experience

Build your brand with your target customers – and create loyalty that lasts.

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iconfinder-employee-experience Employee Experience

Engage and motivate your employees – and drive business results.

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