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Sporting Goods Retailer Utilizes Predictive Analytics to Launch a New Product Line


A sporting goods retailer wanted to launch a successful new line of women's v-necks. The team knew using a customer-centric approach was key to maximizing success. They leveraged digital product testing and predictive voice of customer analytics so customer feedback could inform decisions throughout the product development process


Test #1: Silhouettes

First, the retailer collected insight on what style of v-neck t-shirt best resonated with their consumer base. The retailer tested three v-neck silhouettes or CADs (computer-aided designs) to understand which style had the highest customer sentiment. 

Test #2: Colors

The retailer then ran a second test to understand what colors were most valued by their audience.

Test #3: Price and Assortment Optimization

Lastly, the retailer tested the winning silhouette with colors that received varying sentiment to see how accurate First Insight was at predicting product performance.

V-Neck Tshirt Case Study_V-Neck Tshirt Visual 2-02


Following the tests ran through Insight Design, Merchandising, & Sourcing, the retailer was able to select a winning style and assortment that aligned with customer demand.

By narrowing down the style to one and the colors from 26 to 14, the sporting goods retailer saved time and money all while increasing their speed to market. Keeping their customer involved throughout the process also allowed them to operate more sustainably.

The retailer was able to experience firsthand how First Insight can drive results by accurately predicting product success. Products that tested high achieved 47% higher average weekly sales compared to low-performing products.

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