Over half of new products fail. First Insight uses Voice of the Customer and predictive analytics to show you which new products will be successful.

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Realize Higher New Product Success Rates.

First Insight utilizes real-time data analytics and customer feedback to optimize product assortments and identify winning products and design elements, before costly investment decisions are made.

Select Products
Select new products with confidence, armed with predictive consumer data. Choose more winning products and eliminate under-performers before they are manufactured.

Modify Designs
Modify new designs early in the development cycle to improve performance. Understand which new categories represent the best opportunity for brand extension.

Identify Trends
Learn which attributes will resonate best with consumers in the months ahead. Identify trends at an item and category level. 

Clear Product Rankings

First Insight gives merchants clear guidance on new product performance to enable informed buying decisions, using input from hundreds or thousands of consumers.

Identify Opportunities to Improve Designs

Aggregated comments using First Insight's top word technology let merchants and designers see what consumers are saying about new products, so designs can be improved early in the development cycle.